When you start losing your core audience…

I have not watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies or read the books.  That said, it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to understand the meaning behind this article here from the American Conservative.

It’s Time to Throw the Tea Party One Ring into Mount Doom


Does this sound to you like there’s even a remote possibility that any deal, big or small, could pass muster with both Senate Democrats and 218 Republicans? If not, why are we putting the country through this? Why are Republicans inflicting real, immediate, and tangible harm on the economy in order to accomplish the impossible (delay or defund Obamacare) address an abstract future threat (debt) or merely to save face? Why isn’t the majority of the House majority isolating its rightmost faction and ending this pointlessly asinine pissing match?

Contra the conventional wisdom, I maintain that no one in leadership will lose his job. The very nature of Tea Party opposition, whether it issues from the likes ofBazooka Ted and His Gangin the Senate or the unappeasable Jacobins in the House, is to throw weight without consequence. They evince no interest in actually wielding power from the inside, which would require restraint, conciliation, and moderation. They are hysterics on the brink of utter demoralization.The danger they pose to democratic norms, institutional comity, and political functionality is precisely why they can’t be bargained with; they must be marginalized.

It’s time, Republicans: it’s time to throw theOne Ring into Mount Doom.

*Links in article left in place to help understand references.

It seems as though the Tea Party is on the verge of being busted up by the proverbial parents returning home from vacation.  There’s a rumble on the political Right that sounds like it has the potential to turn into a grassroots effort to de thatch the last grassroots effort.  Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) will have a primary challenger from the moderate side of the GOP.  There are other states where moderate Republicans are considering running primary challengers to current Tea Party Congressmen as well.

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I am happy to see that some Republicans are now seeing Crazy for what it is.  After all, we wouldn’t have the Tea Party Caucus in Washington DC if it were not for the deep-pocketed megadonors on the Right who saw an opportunity to make their presence known.  When you have a group in a position to govern who have no intention of governing, you can’t expect any semblance of sanity to ensue.

I don’t see any timetable in when or how this unfolds.  I simply would like for our government to function as it should and quit making us the laughingstock of the world.  If that means that we have to dump the government tea into the Chesapeake, then let’s get started on setting the world’s record for the largest serving of iced tea ever.



2 thoughts on “When you start losing your core audience…

    • 😆 😆 😆 😆

      That about sums up our political atmosphere nowadays. I’d hate to advocate for more federal control, but I honestly think that almost every single House district in the US should be redrawn with a non-partisan, non-biased group doing it. If there’s a way to do it blindly without knowledge of the state or voting demographics, that would be even better. Our continued gerrymandering and segregation by party/voting affiliation is why we’re floating down sh*t creek with a hole in the kayak right about now.


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