Muslims in Pakistan form a human chain around a mass to protect Christians praying

This is what the First Amendment looks like in action, not burning down a mosque in Tennessee or protesting one elsewhere. It looks bad when others can put our First Amendment into practice much better than we do here, especially when their country’s laws offer no such protection.


Hand in hand as many as 200-300 people formed a human chain outside the St Anthony’s Church adjacent to the District Police Lines at the Empress Road, in a show of solidarity with the victims of the Peshawar church attack two weeks back, which resulted in over a 100 deaths. The twin suicide attack on All Saints church occurred after Sunday mass ended and is believed to be the country’s deadliest attack on Christians.

I wonder how many Christians in the United States would be willing to do this to protect Muslims praying inside of a mosque? Whether it was out of the kindness of their Christian hearts or sheer patriotism and respect for the Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion. It’s doubtful that it would be 200-300 people, if any, considering the current sentiment most Americans have towards Muslims in general.

h/t Express Tribune

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2 thoughts on “Muslims in Pakistan form a human chain around a mass to protect Christians praying

  1. First I had heard of this but it’s good to hear. I wonder if there aren’t more things like this that happen around the world and we just never hear about them.

    There are some things that are just off limits, in my mind, and houses of worship fall into that category. No matter what kind or where they are at, they’re out of bounds.


    • It’s likely happening, but since there was no bleeding, our media won’t cover such things. Had they done that and a suicide bomber leveled the place, it would have been the lead story on the news here. I completely agree with you on the houses of worship being off limits.


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