Hindsight is 20/20

Texas mayor: Plant explosion changed how I think about government aid (via Raw Story )

The mayor of a Texas town devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion told the Dallas Morning News that the disaster has changed his views on the state’s laissez-faire view of business regulation. Watching his townspeople struggle to hew their lives…

Seems like there’s one more person who realizes that the rhetoric about government aid does not match the actual application of said aid in real life after a disaster.  We see it time and time again where people rail against the federal government coming to the aid of fellow Americans after a disaster hits.  It seems like those who are against government aid switch to being for government aid when they’re the ones who are the victim of the disaster.

I feel bad for the people in Texas, but then again, I don’t.  They have been fed the line of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, and they bought into it to the point where they elected their government around that principle.  Now that the rubber is meeting the road, there is no government there to help, just as they voted for.  Charities are just now starting to distribute money collected for the victims there, but this is only after about six months since the explosion.

It’s heart breaking to see fellow Americans suffer like this, but it reminds me of the times my mother and grandmother let me make bad decisions after they had given me sage advice.  After suffering through the consequences of my bad decision, I came away from the situation with a bit more wisdom than I had before.  I’m not suggesting that we should be dependent on government to bail us out after every disaster.  In situations, such as this one, the government could have played a vital part in keeping it from happening in the first place.  When you ask for less regulations, you have to be willing to accept the repercussions of your decision, whether good or bad.


4 thoughts on “Hindsight is 20/20

  1. Yeah, me either. But maybe there is a little hope in the fact that the furloughed FEMA workers are being called in to deal with the potential emergency of hurricane Karen. Must say I really feel sorry for the folks in Colorado. They are pretty much on their own to clean up from the floods & get the roads repaired before the winter snow storms begin, and their neighbor states can’t help because of the shutdown. Did you read THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy? It really scares me to think that this is where our country is headed. McCarthy is a tough read but totally worth it. If you aren’t familiar with his work, which I doubt, he also wrote NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

    Brosephus, being able to correspond with you about more than the surface stuff at Jay’s is a true mitzvah & blessing for me. My adult kids just say, “Oh, Mom.” And my best gal pal watches FOX, tho she does listen when I call her on it. My best guy pal is a former VISTA volunteer, but even he doesn’t let me get too deeply into the issues that tear at my heart.
    Yeah, I need to start keeping a journal again so I can talk this stuff out, and I will if I can find a word processing type ap on the damned iPad!
    Goodnight, friend. Yes, I count you as a friend despite that we will never meet. In my infrequent correspondence with Leonard Pitts, I describe myself as “old white grandma.” And so I am.


    • 😳 You never know whether our paths will cross or not. Everybody needs grandma in their life. I enjoy talking with you as well, and one of the reasons I struck out like this is because it’s hard to articulate what’s bouncing through my head at Jay’s without taking over the thread.

      Here, I can be me and express what’s in my head without having to worry about being too wordy. There are people who stop by here that I’ll likely never know, and that’s cool too. Maybe, they will see that all Black men are not thugs, drug dealers, or welfare cheats.


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