Friday Funny

If you or a friend decides this is a good idea…  can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Anderson Cooper doesn’t help things out with the commentary either.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. If one is going to be dumb, one has to be tough.

    Reminds of me of my younger days when me and one of my buddies were involved in some hi-jinks which ended badly for him. As he was laying there writhing in pain, I asked him if he was okay, and he said, “No, call me a doctor”. So I said, “Okay, you’re a doctor”. True, it wasn’t an original line but he knew when he threw a straight line like that into my wheelhouse, I was gonna take a home run cut. I believe his reply was something like, “I knew you were going to say that……asshole”.

    Oh to be young again. 😆


  2. “If one is going to be dumb, one has to be tough.”

    You said a mouthful there. When my wife got pregnant for the first time, I let out a long sigh of relief. I wasn’t sure whether my younger days of being a ramp-jumping maniac on a bicycle was going to keep me from being a father. I had several instances where I hit the family jewels so hard that I couldn’t walk for a while. Minus those painful instances, I wouldn’t mind reliving my youth again. 😆


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