Are we “Falling Down”?

Listening to the news over the past few weeks has made me ask myself that more than a few times.  If you don’t quite understand the question, let me give you a refresher right quick.

The movie Falling Down, made in 1993, is a classic.  Michael Douglas plays a laid off defense contractor worker named William Foster who basically loses it over the course of the movie.  His goal is to get to his daughter so he can see her for her birthday.  He starts off by abandoning his car, and over the course of the movie, he goes from verbally assaulting people with no weapon to becoming armed with a bag of guns and firing at will.  Looking at the recent news involving road rage incidents and such has me wondering if we’ve hit that stage here now.

Maybe it’s just because of our 24-hour, instant feed, news cycle of today that makes things seem worse than they are.  I often hear FBI statistics being quoted that says violence is trending down.  If that’s the case, you’d never know that by watching or reading the news.

Some people can’t handle stress very well.  Mix the slow recovery from the recession, the budget crap coming from DC, and the lack of gainful employment and we may indeed have the beginning of the recipe to see more Americans “Falling Down” on a daily basis.  Maybe psychiatric help should have been part of the initial rollout of the PPACA.  It seems like many of us could use a bit of leather couch time to sort to our problems.  It’s cheaper in the long run to pay a doctor to lay on that couch instead of paying a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system.




6 thoughts on “Are we “Falling Down”?

    • 😆

      Well, I guess I shouldn’t just laugh at something that is serious. I was talking with my brother-in-law this morning who brought up this same movie in the same context. He’s in law enforcement like me, so our views may not represent mainstream thinking. However, it both caught me off guard and made me see that I’m not the only one that sees this potential issue.


  1. I think it all started with Jerry Springer that later morphed into real drama queens of where ever etc followed twitter bullies…This once outrageous behavior is now accepted and almost expected…Even the motorcycle gang incident from a few days ago…as terrifying as it was to watch…I wasn’t completely shock
    Heck for that matter look at how many more people are on mood meds now compared to 10 years ago
    Top that with Politicians embracing a celeb-like status like Cruz
    It’s all about the drama and for some folks, that’s their chosen reality


  2. From all you see and hear in the news, it seems like more is going on now but honestly, at least in my neck of the woods, there’s quite a bit less violence than there was when I was a kid. Cuttings and shootings were a regular occurrence back then.

    On the flip side of that, people around here had better manners and weren’t as likely to mouth off to just anybody back then, because everybody knew there was a price to be paid if you stepped over the line (and you wouldn’t always be the one who got to decide whether the line had been crossed or not).


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