Last in first out

If you’ve never heard that term, Last In-First Out, then you have likely never had to worry about employment discrimination in your lifetime.  I remember several “life lessons” that were passed on to me at a young age.  One was that I had to be twice as smart, twice as good, and twice as educated as a White counterpart would be when it came to getting good paying jobs.  The other one was that the last one in is always the first one out when it comes to hiring.  The second one typically applies regardless of race, sex, or anything else.  However, when you don’t meet muster with Rule #1, then that means you’re going to be the first one gone as you’re likely the last one in.

For anectdotal proof, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Andrew Moskowitz, hiring manager.


This came from a Facebook post from a New York Times article Will a ‘Black’ Name Brand My Son With Mug Shots Before He’s Even Born?  I doubt many people contemplate such a thing, but it is a serious consideration for people with enhanced melanin.  I had thoughts somewhat along that line when thinking of names for my two girls.  It wasn’t as much as them having “ghetto” names as it was having a name that didn’t handicap them when it’s read on paper.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we prejudge people far more than we’ll ever admit to.  I do it, and I have no problem admitting it.  It’s not intentional, nor is it something done out of malice.  It’s just human nature.  Where some people go wrong is when they act on those prejudices in a negative and hurtful manner.  I actually appreciate Mr. Moskowitz’s candor because it’s easier to deal with a known antagonist as opposed to an unknown one.

There are likely anecdotal stories all around the world where people of all shapes, sizes, and colors could relate to being on the opposite end of a decision made by such a hiring manager.  Then again, there’s probably many who have no idea of why they really didn’t get that job they were well qualified for.  One question I have for people who think like that about “ghetto” names is, if “Tamisha” is bad, then what about Reince or Willard?  Would those names keep someone from getting hired?


8 thoughts on “Last in first out

  1. Don’t know if you have ever heard Rachel pronounce Reince Prebus – she rolls the Rs . Too funny. But if you can make it with Reince or Willard (not to mention Mitt)…. Okay not sure where I was going with this…. Ah, I remember: Barak Hussein Obama is President!!! See about a hundred smiley faces here!!!!


  2. LIFO (Last in first out) also refers to an inventory taxation system but that’s another story for another day.

    As to the subject at hand, this is one more reason all the “team” crap at places of employment (which has been all the rage, the last few years) is just plumb damn silly to me. The all want little, identical, submissive automatons. I never gave a crap what a person’s name is, whether they are introverted or extroverted (Although I distrust the glad-handing, big-mouthed extrovert just on general principles. I’ve generally found them to be phonies, all hat and no cattle), what kind of music they like, and all the other superfluous crap. When I looked at the people who I have worked with and who worked for me, my criteria was pretty simple: Do they work? Do they know what they are doing? Can we all make it through most days without wanting to kill them?

    Nothing else is anybody else’s business.

    I realize that like in a lot of other things, though, my thinking is totally foreign to most folks. I figure you just have to accept folks the way they are. Who knows, they might even extend you the same courtesy.


    • I like that criteria, and I was pretty much the same way when I was in retail management. I didn’t care what their outside interests were, only that it didn’t get me or the store in trouble. A good work ethic and the ability to listen, follow, and sometimes take the lead was all I was interested in.


    • I’m wondering if that is really his place of employment. That business released a statement that they had no idea of who he was after they got bombarded by comments as a response to his posting.

      Whomever he works for has to be sitting on pins and needles that they are not discovered though. That is, unless they wholeheartedly agree with him.


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