You are what you eat

I try to focus on eating healthy and ensuring the same for my family.  Being naturally inquisitive, I’ve often read up on different things to find out where food and ingredients originate.  Learning about the truth of some of these things, I can understand why people rename or re-label food to make it more palatable for consumption.  For example, the Patagonian Toothfish is renamed Chilean Sea Bass when marketed in the United States and Canada.  I don’t think many people would want to put bee vomit on their biscuit for breakfast if you offered it, but they would if you called it by its much sweeter name, honey.  I tend to think I have a fairly cast iron stomach, but I read something today that even made my stomach churn as though I had just gotten off a 48 hour nonstop roller coaster ride.

If you have not ever heard of the food additive Castoreum, then hold on to your socks while you read this.  I won’t give you the full story, but I’ll give you links to see for yourself.  Castoreum is used in a variety of products.  In foods, it is used to enhance strawberry and raspberry flavors and an array of food items.  The source of castoreum, as it cannot be synthesized at this time, comes from one place, the ass of a beaver.  From what I’ve read, it is usually listed as “natural flavors” in the ingredient section of the foods we buy.  I’ll let Jamie Oliver explain it to you.

If you think this hasn’t been verified, then Snopes has that taken care of for you.  That’s really something to think about the next time you sit down and enjoy some vanilla ice cream, huh?  As Jamie asked in that video, I want to know who was the one that found out a beaver’s ass tasted good.  Sometimes, I think it’s better that we don’t know what we’re eating.


4 thoughts on “You are what you eat

  1. As Jamie asked in that video, I want to know who was the one that found out a beaver’s ass tasted good.

    My guess is it was somebody who was hungry. Ham is really just a hog’s ass and most folks used to eat everything from a hog except the squeal (chitlins, liver & lights, brains, feet, etc). You can eat just about anything, if you fry it in hot grease or lard. So pass the fried hog’s ass, please. 😆


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