Americans are really going to need health insurance now

If you like to eat these, you’d better make sure your health care insurance premiums are up to date. You’re gonna need that insurance a lot sooner than you think.

You gotta love those late Friday news dumps, especially when the Friday is one before a long weekend holiday.  If you don’t already read the labels of your groceries to check for the country of origin, this story is likely to change that.

From on August 30, 2013:

Would you willingly eat chicken nuggets processed in a country that has no intention of meeting U.S. food-safety standards? Most Americans likely wouldn’t.

That may explain why the U.S. Department of Agriculture waited until Friday — the day before a long holiday weekend — to announce that it had ended a ban on Chinese chicken imports by approving four Chinese poultry processors to ship processed (“heat-treated/cooked“) chicken to the U.S. The report on the approved poultry plants noted that the audit set out to “to determine whether the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) food safety system governing poultry processing remains equivalent to that of the United States (U.S.), with the ability to produce products that are safe, wholesome, unadulterated, and properly labeled.” Needless to say, the Chinese plants passed.

Reading up on this, there’s no start date or list of companies willing to participate in this import/export exchange.  The initial chickens will be exported to China from the US, Canada, or other countries we already consider chicken safe for consumption.  That doesn’t mean that will remain the way things work in the long haul.  A company who has a single-track focus on profits won’t pay extra for shipping chickens there for processing any longer than necessary before switching to locally sourced poultry.

Our government, in its infinite wisdom (extreme tongue-in-cheek), has decided that we should be able to eat chicken that’s been processed in China.  This is the same China that exported tainted dog treats made from chicken to the US.  This is the same China that added melamine to the domestic milk supply.  I could continue to list the different scandals involving Chinese food sources, but I’d be up two days typing this.

China has an awful record when it comes to food safety, and the idiots at the USDA have decided to allow them to process food for our consumption without having any USDA inspectors present to ensure food quality.  Some people think we have too many regulations that are holding businesses back.  We’re about to see what less regulations taste like.  I don’t know who had the bright idea to green light such an endeavor as this, but you best believe that I won’t buy another processed chicken product that’s sold here in the US again.  According to USDA regulations, any food that’s processed does not require the point-of-origin to be labeled.

I’m already cautious about what I feed my family and myself.  Now, that it seems that I can’t even trust the regulators to keep us safe, I think I will begin to look for a large plot of land where I can raise my own food.  I don’t want the stress and worry about whether my next meal will give me explosive diarrhea or not.  I hope you have your insurance card ready because our USDA will ensure that you get to use it.


5 thoughts on “Americans are really going to need health insurance now

  1. I suppose in a couple of years you can add my neighbor who raises 80,000 chickens to the list of people whose jobs have been outsourced.


    • If he’s willing to sell directly to the consumer, I’d try to keep him in business myself. I have a list of farms across Georgia that sell their own goods with some of them even being organic farms. I’d take regulated American pesticides over unregulated Chinese meat any day. At least, I’d know what chemical I’m consuming.


      • Like most folks in the broiler business, he owns his own houses and equipment (or at least him and the bank do) but the chickens, feed, etc, are provided by the poultry company. It’s the same system they’ve been using for several decades and has many things in common with the old sharecropper system. The company brings you a load of chicks, they bring the feed and when the chickens are caught for processing, then the grower is paid, minus the feed, etc. The company pretty much decides how many chickens you have that don’t make the grade, etc and pays you accordingly.

        The companies also have equipment requirements, which the grower pays for, in order to get the chickens. These requirements change a lot, usually involving the farmer buying more and/or newer equipment. Old time growers usually reach a point where they figure it isn’t worth the money anymore to make the improvements (sometimes building new houses is the only way to meet all the new requirements for people with older houses), so they just drop out of the business.

        If a company wanted to move their growing operations to China, which I feel is probably the real end game, it’ll be easy enough to manipulate the system to the point that “we can’t find enough qualified growers here anymore”.

        I’m all for the organic farms but the problem there is that most folks can’t afford the products. I know the “organic” chicken that I have seen in the store runs $6-8 a pound. Most folks can’t or won’t pay that for chicken.

        Sorry for the long post. lol

        It’s a conundrum for sure.


        • Not offended by the long post at all. I enjoy gaining new knowledge whenever possible. Like you, I see the makings of an end around that will end up shafting American growers. Somewhere down the road, we’ll have agricultural subsidies paying farmers for not growing chicken.

          I’ve looked at the cost of organics, and wherever possible, I bite the bullet to ensure my family is eating food that’s fit for human consumption. I can’t afford to go completely organic though.

          I don’t have a clue as to how we avoid completely outsourcing our food supply. I think we will see a larger segment of the population start to grow some of their own food.


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