Welcome to Georgia, the Screw You State

I typically try to stay away from partisan information, but even disregarding the source of that video, one can surmise that the poor people of Georgia who vote for Republicans are getting royally screwed without the courtesy of lubrication and/or a reach around.  I hear and read the daily whine about Obama circumventing the law and shredding the Constitution, but I have yet to see any recorded and verifiable proof of those claims.  One shouldn’t make those claims about someone when you’re doing the very thing you’re whining about.  Seems more like many GOP cheerleaders are whining because of a guilty conscience.

The PPACA has been debated, signed into law, adjudicated, and upheld as law.  Get over it GOP.  If you think that it’s such a colossal failure, then sit back, do nothing, and watch the catastrophe unfold before your very eyes.  Even better, put forth a COMPLETE plan to not only repeal the ACA but replace it with something better and less subject to being a colossal failure.

When a public official, Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens in this instance, openly brags about sabotaging law, people should pay attention.  Add the recent revelations about how healthcare money was funneled to a Political Action Committee, Real PAC, that is run by people closely associated with Governor Nathan Deal in an effort to fight the ACA, and you see that money talks in Georgia.  The poor and middle class don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of having someone govern on their behalf as long as these people are in office and capable of being bought off by anybody capable of writing large checks.  Looking at Hudgens’ campaign finances, things do not look better for the future of Georgians in need of health insurance either.

In an article written in July at Atlanta Unfiltered, the money train was laid out for anybody interested to see.  From their story:

July 19, 2013 — A political committee run by close associates of Gov. Nathan Deal has pocketed at least $327,500 since 2012 without reporting it, apparently skirting disclosure rules and the federal tax code.

Major benefactors of the committee, Real PAC, include health-care interests seeking tens of millions — even billions — of dollars in business with state government. One donor, WellCare of Georgia, gave Real PAC $50,000 on the same day that state Medicaid officials said they planned to extend WellCare’s $1 billion-a-year contract for two years.

Real PAC’s other big undisclosed donors, identified by searching other PAC’s expenditures, include:

  • United Health Group Inc. ($50,000), one of two insurers covering employees and retirees in the State Health Benefit Plan;
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia ($50,000), considered by some to be the front-runner to become the sole insurer for that benefit plan, replacing United Health and Cigna; and
  • Georgia’s nursing home lobby ($70,000), which this year won a $10 million hike in a so-called “bed tax” that will bring an additional $20 million in federal funds to Georgia nursing homes. Lawmakers at the time had the jitters over possible political backlash if they renewed a much larger bed tax for hospitals. The Georgia Health Care Association, the nursing homes’ trade group, wrote a $50,000 check to Real PAC in December; its president spent $73 on dinner that same day for Deal, whose staff was preparing budget recommendations that would include the bed tax.

Real PAC has not disclosed those gifts or any others since December 2011, when it last filed a campaign finance report with the state ethics commission. The PAC registered with the IRS in 2011 but since then has filed no reports of donations and spending with that agency.

*Update:  According to Athens Online, the PAC has raised about $786,000 based on a disclosure that was released at the end of last week.

Not only are they screwing Georgians out in the open, they are not even trying to hide the fact that they’re screwing them.  They even openly brag about it.  Hudgens earlier talked about how much more the insurance premiums would be under the ACA.  I guess that we can safely assume those increased premiums are a product of the tag team of the GOP obstructionists and the healthcare companies funding them working together to screw over everyday Georgians who don’t have a clue as to the impending phallic exercise they are about to become victim of.

Count me amongst the people who do not like the PPACA as it is written.  That said, I would not purposefully screw people over just to show how much I dislike it.  Instead, I would offer a viable alternative to do away with it and replace it with something better.  Looking over the articles I read, I have to say that my friend Jay Bookman got a lot of credit about the story of Hudgens’ speech where he bragged about being an obstructionist.  I have to wonder though why such a Democrat shill, mouthpiece, and cheerleader as Jay didn’t have a link to the video.  😉  j/k  Kudos, Jay for bringing this to the light.  Next time though, try to read your emails from the Obama camp and post the propaganda.   LOL!!!!


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