Labor Day: The Future Memorial Day For American Workers?

Judging on the account you read, Labor Day either started off as an American May Day (May 1st) celebration that was moved to September to avoid riots, or it was created as a day to celebrate American workers in September.  Either way it started, it appears that the ending of the story will be the same.

Over the past 50 years, the American worker, and middle class by proxy, have been under attack and have just about lost the war.  It used to be that a family could live off dad’s salary while mom stayed at home to raise the family.  As times changed, mom began to venture into the workforce.  Today, both parents have to work full-time jobs in order for the family to subsist.

American wages used to be tied to worker productivity.  That’s where the “when you work hard, you reap the benefits” mindset came from.  A productive worker saw advancement in salary as well as job description over the course of a career.  In today’s society, the American worker is much more efficient and productive than at any time in history, yet wages have stagnated over the past 30-40 years.

I remember watching the news as a kid and the stock market information was about a 30 second bit of news right before a commercial break or the end of the news hour.  Today, the stock market is the news.  For some reason, people want to couple our economy with the stock market.  That’s about as sane an idea as making a Las Vegas casino the Central Bank of America.

We’ve allowed the money changers to take over this country little by little until we get to the point where Labor Day will be a time to reflect upon the lost American worker instead of the current American worker.  Multinational corporations have basically given the American worker the finger, yet they expect Americans to purchase their imported goods.  How can a man purchase anything when he doesn’t have a job?  How can a man provide for his family when the only job he can get is a part-time job with a pittance of a salary with no benefits?

I hear the arguments about education and such, but that argument has no merit until we provide people an education that they refuse to obtain.  Instead, we have people whose actions make it seem like they’re trying to purposefully wreck the educational system in this country.  You can’t chide someone without being hypocritical for not being educated when you’re screwing them out of an education at the same time.

Enjoy Labor Day as it is now.  If things continue on the same path, it may become Labor Memorial Day.  At least that’s how I see it.


2 thoughts on “Labor Day: The Future Memorial Day For American Workers?

  1. There’s a ton of things to disagree with Henry Ford on but there’s not much argument that he was a smart businessman. This is what he said in the Ford News of April, 1934.

    ‘No one loses anything by raising wages as soon as he is able. It has always paid us. Low wages are the most costly any employer can pay. It is like using low-grade material–the waste makes it very expensive in the end. There is no economy in cheap labor or cheap material. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to reduce wages. I think we were the last big company to come to it. Now I am mighty glad that wages are climbing again.”

    In spite of his shortcomings, he did understand that helping his workers (paying as much as he could) was helping himself. Big business has come to completely ignore the long term view, in mindless pursuit of the short term.


    • Big business has come to completely ignore the long term view, in mindless pursuit of the short term.

      Amen!!! With the mindset that Ford had about workers, he wouldn’t last 6 months as a CEO in today’s society. The connection between worker/customer has been completely severed. I blame it on the MBA mindset where workers are no longer viewed as people. They are nothing more than an asset, liability, and/or cost depending on the situation. The humanity that once permeated the upper echelon of business leaders has been replaced by the all-consuming quest for more money. I won’t indict all business leaders, but the more prominent and visible ones more than make my viewpoint harden more and more each day.


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