I honestly hoped this was some kind of stupid joke that was meant to poke fun at the people of Louisiana.  As a man born and raised in the South, I get a bit peeved when people try to stereotype us all as stupid and/or ignorant, but things like this does not help break that stereotype.

I saw where a poll was taken in Louisiana, and one particular question and answer left me scratching a trench in my skull.  The first thing that made me question it was that it was a Democratic polling group that was conducting a poll in a conservative-leaning state.  I suspected there was probably some kind of trickery going on to get a particular answer to make the people look dumb.  Boy, was I ever wrong.

Read Question 2 and the answers to see what I’m talking about.  The question is whether Bush or Obama was more responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina.  More people thought Obama was responsible than Bush was.  I honestly think we have reached the point where the American society, as a whole, has jumped the shark.

When I first read the percentages of the answers, I figured the question was a trick question meant to tap into the anti-Obama feelings in the South.  The question, if it was asked that way, is pretty straight forward.  Anybody with common sense knows who was president then in 2005 when Katrina hit.  Given how Republicans love to talk about how inexperienced Obama was before being elected POTUS, you would think they would love the opportunity to talk about how Obama had just been elected to the Senate in 2005.

Then again, this is the same time-traveling Brother that went back and planted birth announcements and birth certificates to change his citizenship so that he could be president.  This is the same president who’s both the most incompetent president of all times while also being the most ruthless dictator ever elected here.  I guess that for his last act in office, Obama will use that time machine one last time to erase his 2008 election victory so that he can run again in 2016 to completely demoralize the entire GOP base.

I’m only waiting on the AMA to officially declare Obama Derangement Syndrome as a disease here in the US.  The empirical data is there to validate any such claim.



4 thoughts on “OMFG!!!!

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised that such a question of a polling population wherein 82% self-identified as “conservative” could claim to think such a thing, but I am not. And I don’t think the results would be that different in a lot of states, with that kind of sample.


  2. If you look at the percentage of people who classified themselves as conservative/somewhat conservative you’ll see the total is 82%. The Republican skew of this poll in undeniable and therefore the results are not surprising. They’d blame President Obama for World War II if they could.


    • Well, given their propensity to label him “messiah”, I think they’ve already blamed him for everything since the Earth came into existence. I think most people could derive the same conclusion when looking at the rants.


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