Release the Hounds!!!

It didn’t take a week before the dogs got turned out in North Carolina.  As I said earlier, those who try to frame this law as a racial issue will completely miss the point.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Within hours of Gov. Pat McCrory signing a Republican-backed bill this week making sweeping changes to the state’s voting laws, local elections boards in two college towns made moves that could make it harder for students to vote.

The Watauga County Board of Elections voted Monday to eliminate an early voting site and election-day polling precinct on the campus of Appalachian State University.

The Pasquotank County Board of Elections on Tuesday barred an Elizabeth City State University senior from running for city council, ruling his on-campus address couldn’t be used to establish local residency. Following the decision, the head of the county’s Republican Party said he plans to challenge the voter registrations of more students at the historically black university ahead of upcoming elections.

When you look at the enrollment of Appalachian State University, one would wonder why the GOP wants to curtail the political participation of young, impressionable minds.  Reading the statistics and demographics from that school, it would appear that the GOP should be able to capture a significant presence on their campus.

From Appalachian State University’s website:

Enrollment, Fall 2012

If the GOP can’t garner support on a campus with 89% White students with many of them coming from GOP-controlled conservative states, they shouldn’t be in the business of politics.  The problem lies in the fact that the current message that’s being peddled by the current incarnation of the GOP isn’t one that many people in the US are buying.  That’s evident in the ever dwindling number of self-described Republicans right along with the increase in Independents.  So, in an effort to remain relevant in politics when nobody’s buying their product, they have sunk to shamelessly changing the rules of the game to their advantage.  They don’t want people to vote who will not kiss their asses.  They don’t want people to run who may kick their asses.

It’s time for common sense Americans to declare enough of this crap.  If they want to change the rules of the game, then change the way you play the game.  If they want ID’s for in-person voting, then launch fundraisers and drives to equip every single possible voter with a certified ID necessary to vote.  If they won’t let students vote at school, then start a campaign to encourage students to use absentee ballots and effect change at home.  If they want to limit the times and days for voting, then combat that by providing transportation, food, beverages, and entertainment for those who will have to stand in line a bit longer than before.  If they want to nitpick on who can be a candidate, then find someone locally who meets their requirements and then some.  The smallest snowflake is capable of causing the most devastating avalanche if it tries hard enough.

In other words, don’t let this bullsh*t go unchallenged.  There is no better way to stop a bully than to punch him square in the nose without flinching.  Don’t allow your government to be sold to the highest bidder while you’re getting crapped on like last week’s newspaper in a puppy’s kennel.  Those win the election gets to make the rules.  If you think these laws suck, then you need to ensure those who passed them don’t get re-elected again to continue their ways.  I can’t answer for anybody else, but I’ve already had a policy against voting against incumbent politicians.  I can assure you that I won’t cast a vote for a single politician passing this crap, and I’m not even registered in North Carolina.


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