It Ain’t All About the Hokey Pokey

Reading a Facebook post today, got me to thinking a bit.  Mr. Fraser may indeed have a well thought out idea there, but in today’s reality, that is not how things will play out.  This is why.

The deaths of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Darius Simmons, Janay McFarlane, Jonylah Watkins, Noah Pozner, and many others are all interlinked in one long storyline.  Their deaths all came at different times and in different areas, but they are all forever linked as they all died as a result of acts of violence perpetrated by a person with a gun.  With Trayvon Martin, people are so focused on race that they fail to see the bigger picture.  If you listen to the interview that Anderson Cooper did with the juror, you can catch the message if you listen between the lines.  Jordan Davis and Darius Simmons will be the next two who will file in behind Mr. Martin, and I’ll bet my life savings that the argument centers on race.

Whether it’s the media pushing the message or the population, don’t get blinded by the carnival barkers.  The issue isn’t race.  That ain’t what it’s all about.

It’s all about G-U-N-S:  how we decide who gets to own them, who gets to use them, when they are ok to use, and so on…

Without loose gun ownership and possession laws, Chicago would probably see a reduction in needless deaths.  How do I come to that conclusion when they already had strict gun laws in place?  The answer is, most of the guns used in crimes in Chicago are bought/stolen elsewhere and trafficked to the Chicago area.  There, they end up on the streets into the hands of people who should not have them.  The Leahy Amendment, that was part of the gun control legislation that died in Congress this year, would have been a great start at trying to lower the deaths in Chicago.

Check the history of this country.  Years ago, the NRA was all about gun control legislation.  I guess that some Black men who legally possessed firearms and were intent on expressing their 2nd Amendment Rights had them a bit perturbed back then.  Since that group is no longer relevant, I guess it’s bad for business to want to preach gun control laws.  Maybe we should get a serious group of Brothas  to once again legally possess their firearms and express their 2nd Amendment Rights.  I don’t know if it will have the same effect or something even worse nowadays as there’s the appearance of a segment of our society that is deathly afraid of young Black men who are unarmed.  They’d likely poop their pants, have a heart attack, and keel over dead if those same young Black men paraded around legally expressing their rights with the ability to effectively “Stand Their Ground”.

One last piece of the puzzle is the number of gun deaths. You will hear people shout “what about Chicago” anytime you bring up the murder of someone like the before mentioned people. Even Chicago doesn’t hold a candle to the largest group of gun violence victims, suicides.

From the Centers for Disease Control:

Firearm— In 2010, 31,672 persons died from firearm injuries in the United States (Tables 18 and 19), accounting for 17.5 percent of all injury deaths in that year. The two major component causes of all firearm injury deaths in 2010 were suicide (61.2 percent) and homicide (35.0 percent). *National Vital Statistics Reports: Deaths: Final Data for 2010 p.17

Twice as many people died from suicides using firearms vs homicides in 2010.  You will never hear gun freaks talk about that though as many of those suicides are committed by people who would be considered sensible gun owners.  I don’t have the link readily available, but there was a study done that showed people were more likely to attempt suicide when there was a means readily available to help them complete it.

Until we decide to ensure that people can bear arms with some manner of controls to keep guns out of the hands of those who commit crimes, we’ll continue to have these tragedies, one after the other.  THAT’S what it’s all about!!


8 thoughts on “It Ain’t All About the Hokey Pokey

  1. I will probably not comment often on your postings, mainly because it is so hard to type thru the tears…. Thanks for welcoming me to your blog.



    • Please, comment as often as possible. When I can, I’ll try to stay up late to chat with you since I know you’re a night owl. I’m only offering things from my perspective, and that may not necessarily be any more truthful than anybody else. I’ll never make the claim that I know everything or I’m always right. I can only call things as I see them.

      In the case of this particular post, I’ll have to disclose that I’m a gun owner. I consider myself a sensible gun owner as I keep them locked and away from my kids at all times. Yet, if my life depended on it, I can get to them in seconds to defend myself and my family. I don’t walk around scared that the person next to me will attack me. I train to defend myself, but I’m also trained to use deadly force only when necessary.


  2. I grew up with guns. I know how to shoot. I think sane, responsible, law-abiding adults who want to own guns should be allowed to.

    But I don’t have any idea why a nation of 300 million people should own 270 million guns.

    Really, we need to start with a nationside gun registry. I’m just tired of hearing from the kooks who are afraid the government is going to somehow confiscate all the guns if they have a good enough list. But when a gun is used to commit a crime, law enforcement should be able to find the owner of that gun.

    And I think laws should make it pretty easy for victims of gun violence to sue the gun’s owner the same way victims of car accidents can sue the car’s owner. People should carry insurance on their guns the same way they carry insurance on their cars.

    None of that will confine gun ownership to sane, responsible, law-abiding adults, but it would certainly make a better start that what we have now.


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