Should I Now Be In Fear Of My Life?

First of all, I am not in the least bit surprised by the verdict given in the Zimmerman trial.  When you stop and think about it, most Americans should not have been the least bit surprised either.  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  This is the land of opportunity unless you fit a certain description that makes you guilty of some crime not yet committed or guilty of being a “thug”.  This case wasn’t the first time a young Black man was killed because of a perceived threat, nor will it be the last.  I don’t like to make broad brushed statements and such, but it’s quite obvious that Trayvon Martin was primarily guilty of being Black.  His being Black and walking through the neighborhood in a hoodie while it was raining was enough to make him “suspicious” of something.  Nevermind the fact that no crime, attempted or otherwise, had been reported or witnessed.  The simple act of walking through a neighborhood is all it takes for a Black kid to be “suspicious” nowadays based on the outcome of this trial.


The underlying message in the verdict, in my opinion, was a swift kick to the solar plexus of every single Black man in America.  Now, I wonder if someone will stalk me when I’m walking through my neighborhood at night.  Do I have to look over my shoulder every other step to see if someone’s following me because I look “suspicious”?  Must I now always arm myself to be able to “Stand My Ground” if I’m approached by a stranger who isn’t looking out for my best interests?

“My main motivation was to make money off the controversy,” the unidentified seller wrote Orlando‘s Local 6 news station. “The response is overwhelming. I sold out in two days.” According to an advertisement for the targets on a firearms auction website, the seller is a supporter of George Zimmerman, stating “he is innocent and he shot a thug. *image and quote courtesy of

I didn’t really watch or read much about the trial while it was ongoing because I did not want to set myself up to be let down since I already had a good feel about what the outcome would be.  Florida’s laws are written so wide open that MOST anybody could get away with killing someone by claiming self-defense.  There are exceptions, such as Marissa Alexander, who’s doing prison time for shooting AT her abusive husband who even acknowledged that he would have beaten her at that time if he could have.  The next court test will be in the trial for the murder of Jordan Davis that’s going on in Jacksonville.


Only time will reveal what the long-term impact of this trial will be in regards to American Black males.  My intentions are not to stir up some racist or bigoted crap, but things have to be really effed up when you can’t walk through your own neighborhood anymore.  Now, it seems as though someone can label me “suspicious” with no supporting facts.  Once he labels me “suspicious”, he can follow me around, approach me as though he’s some law enforcement authority figure, and I’m supposed to comply as though I’m a 10-year-old kid.  If I don’t comply and “Stand My Ground” because I feel threatened, he can kill me with impunity because I threatened his life by feeling threatened and attempting to protect mine.  Isn’t America just the greatest country ever???


Karen Grigsby Bates asks a very important question at NPR today, With Fla. Verdict, Is Protective Clothing Still Required?


8 thoughts on “Should I Now Be In Fear Of My Life?

  1. I think this is the perfect application for a quote from Dickens: “The law, sir, is a ass.”

    Yes, I think the message from Florida’s state legislature is that you should never leave home without it. A piece, that is. If Trayvon had been armed when he was in fear for his life, the outcome might have been different. As someone posted on Jay’s site, though, Trayvon unwisely brought fists to a gunfight.


  2. What a crock of shit. George Zimmerman went out that night hoping he could “kill him a nigger” and he did. Then he got away with it. I’m ashamed tonight to be an American. If he lives out the year I’ll be disappointed. Were it my son who was so cruelly and calluosly murdered, and Zimmerman walked like he did, he would be dead already.

    Land of the free and home of the brave? That cowardly SOB stalked that young kid and THEN when he was getting his ass justifiably kicked he murdered him. How proud he must feel now.


    • I don’t want him dead. I want him to live a long, long life. I want him to feel what it’s like to have to look over your shoulder to see if someone’s stalking you when you’re walking down the street. Maybe then, he can turn around and become a voice for the very person he killed. Let him explain to the world what it feels like to walk around with a bullseye on your back with absolutely no way of taking it off yourself and having to depend on the kindess of others to remove it for you. He’ll know what it’s like to walk around like a young Black man in America now.


  3. Hey brosephus…nice read, I’m not in agreement with stevie wonder boycotting florida just because we are a certified goober state! There are many here that value teenagers doing nothing wrong then get zimmermanned. The whole episode was a tragedy and a shame, and of coursw if zimmerman was black and treyvon was white, we know how that would’ve turned out! Keep on rockin it…


    • I don’t agree with boycotting the state either. I think the opposite should happen. Instead of boycotting Florida, Blacks should be converging on every square inch of Florida to ensure that people are registered and ready to vote in 2014. If it were my decision, I’d say EFF the Democratic Party apparatus and put my own candidates up for election.

      Blacks have the financial, educational, and political chops necessary to do it if we really want to do so. It’s not all about appealing to Blacks as much as it is appealing to Americans who are all in the same predicament. The monied class has done all it can to put a choke hold on our government, and I think it’s time for the regular people to take it back.


  4. Great post Bro. I pretty much stayed out of the “guilty/Not guilty” debate. Regardless of what the courts say, Zimmerman is guilty of 2 things:
    1. He did kill Travon Martin
    2. He set the ball in motion that resulted in the end of Travon Martin’s life, and his as he knew it.


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