Just Because It Sounds Like a Good Idea…..

Just outside of Fayetteville, NC in the town of Hope Mills, a resident thought it was a good idea to display his pride during the town’s Fourth of July parade.  While I personally have no issue with people, him included, displaying their pride, I wholeheartedly think there should be some thought given to how that’s accomplished.  Mr. Donnie Spell felt that parade this year was his time and place to openly display his “civic” pride.

In the parade that went through downtown Hope Mills, a float carrying a bed full of watermelons was attached to a John Deere tractor. A Confederate flag was attached to the back. On each side, there were two small white signs. They said “White History Month” and “hug wht ppl.”  *photo at link

I have no issues with Mr. Spell expressing his right to free speech, but I would also caution him and his supporters that expressing the right to free speech does not exempt one from the repercussions of expressing that speech.  Given the fact that many people not of African descent are considered White, there are ample “White History” months on the calendar already.  Add the fact that most history books are written by and for White people, there is really no need for such a “month” to exist.  If the need was there, I’m sure there is a free-market believing businessman somewhere salivating at the idea of cornering that market early.

There is more than enough division in this country already without public displays such as this to sow even more division.  I don’t care who is the one perpetrating the act.  One should think about ALL the ramifications of their expression of free speech before they pop the clutch and drop the hammer on the throttle.  There is nothing wrong with expressing pride in oneself individually or by group.  However, before expressing that pride, you should stop long enough to consider whether that great idea in your head will translate to a great idea in reality.


3 thoughts on “Just Because It Sounds Like a Good Idea…..

  1. Oh and I didn’t see in the article, did he give away the watermelons at the end of the parade to deserving white peeples?


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